The oort story

Data Without Borders

Who we are and why we are doing this

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Our Mission

Enable users to fully OWN and CONTROL their data, and create a world where NATURAL LANGUAGE is the sole tool needed for data interaction. 

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The Story Behind Our Name

Oort, is taken from Oort Cloud, the theoretical edge of our solar system and human civilization. At Oort, we strive to challenge ourselves and others to create new values that push the boundaries of the next age of the internet. We envision a future where Web3 is widely adopted and used by everyone. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in order to make this vision a reality.

Meet the Team
Dr. Max Li
Founder & CEO
Dr. Sean Yang
Chief Technology officer
Marian Tong
Chief Financial Officer
Sang Lee
chief operating officer
Michael Robinson
Chairman of Oort foundation
Ventseslav Sapundzhiev
Director of Systems Engineering
May Pang
Director of Media Partnership & Legal
Victoria Fan
Director of Global operations
Dave Moellenhoff

CTO & Founder at

Dr. Steve Liu

Chief-Scientist at Samsung AI Center - Montreal

Todd McGee

CEO and Global Business Development Officer at CataBoom

Norm Levy

Founder of the Social Norm LLC

Kevin Henshaw

COO & President, Together Labs (was IMVU)

Efe Büken

Senior partner of Muhabbit and Muhabbit Capital