February 27, 2023
Oort DEN Update Feb 27

Oort DEN Update Feb 27

It's been two weeks since the official launch of Oort's decentralized edge network (Oort DEN), and we are thrilled to share with you some exciting updates. Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem's performance and security through the deployment of Oort DEN in 15 countries and five continents. 

We have also been overwhelmed by the growing number of edge node devices and the enthusiasm of our community members who are contributing to the network's development. Plus, we have some news about the mining reward model and how you can maximize your rewards. Stay tuned to learn more!

Oort DEN’s Global Coverage

Now in 15 Countries and 5 Continents

After it was officially launched on February 15th, Oort’s decentralized edge network (Oort DEN) has been deployed in 15 countries and five continents. The amount of Oort’s edge node devices continues to grow daily, furthering the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem’s performance and security, and getting closer to Oort’s goal of providing applications with comprehensive, multi-purpose data services that are secure, private, scalable, and low-cost.

Edge Mining Incentives

Edge devices will receive two types of rewards in Oort Decentralized Edge Network (Oort DEN): mining rewards and utility rewards. Ascraeus rewards ​​will be distributed in the form of Oort's latest testnet token (CCNA). Additional and more substantial rewards will be sent to edge devices providing utilities (storage, compute, and data transfer) for Oort’s business clients.

Mining Reward Distribution

25% of the mining rewards will be released immediately every hour, and the rest 75% will be released linearly in 270 days.

Zero Collateral VS. Full Collateral

In Ascraeus testnet, Oort has made Oort DEN mining more accessible than ever. By simply owning a WiFi router, users have the option to start Oort DEN mining without putting down any collateral. 

To attract more users to participate and contribute to the development of Oort DEN, the mining reward model in Ascraeus has been designed to generously reward early participants and full-collateral miners. Miners who deposit full collateral, which is 500 $CCN  (the token of Oort’s 2nd testnet Huygens) or an equivalent amount of $CCNA (the token of Oort’s 3rd testnet Ascraeus,based on real-time token price) will receive 100% of the mining reward.

Learn more about how the Ascraeus mining reward is calculated here.

Trade $CCNA With USDT

In Ale Wallet’s latest Market feature, CCNA tokens can now be traded with USDT on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Miners can now get CCNA in Ale Wallet directly for staking and maximizing Oort DEN mining rewards. 

Download Ale Wallet now and get CCNA here.