November 17, 2023
"WikiBot Challenge": Create Interactive Wiki Pages for Your Favorite Projects with Oort TDS

"WikiBot Challenge": Create Interactive Wiki Pages for Your Favorite Projects with Oort TDS

Welcome to the “WikiBot Challenge,” an innovative contest hosted by Oort. This challenge is an invitation to all crypto enthusiasts and AI fans to create an interactive, intelligent wiki page for the projects they are passionate about. It’s an opportunity to transform static information into engaging, conversational experiences.

What to Expect

1. Select Your Project

Choose a project that sparks your interest — it could be a rising star in the crypto world, an AI breakthrough, or other tech startup that you think is doing really cool stuff. Your goal is to create an interactive wiki page (AI Agent) about this project using Oort TDS.

2. Create and Share Your Interactive Wiki

After crafting your interactive wiki page, share your creation on X (Twitter). Use the hashtag #OortWikiBotChallenge for visibility. If your wiki represents a specific project, tag them to get their attention!

3. Community Involvement

The challenge is open to everyone! Even if you’re not creating a wiki page, you can participate by interacting with, rating, and providing feedback on the entries. Engaging with these wikis not only supports the creators but also enters you into our lucky draw for active participants.

How to Participate


Entering the Challenge

  • Create your WikiBot using Oort TDS.
  • Reply to Oort’s pinned tweet with your WikiBot’s URL.
  • Tag the project your bot represents.
  • Invite three friends to interact with your WikiBot by tagging them in your reply.
  • Include hashtag #OortWikiBotChallenge in your reply


Creators’ Prizes

The creators of the top 30 interactive wiki pages will be rewarded for their innovation and user engagement. Each winning entry will receive 100 USDT, making up a total reward pool of 3000 USDT.

Community Prizes

200 participants who actively engage with the wikis or provide constructive feedback will be randomly selected to receive 30 Oort tokens each.


  • Enter the contest: Nov 15 — Nov 26, 2023
  • Announce the winners: Dec 1st, 2023

How to build an informative WikiBot with Oort TDS?

Read the best practice (with a quick tutorial video😉) to build an effective WikiBot👇

The “WikiBot Challenge” is set to revolutionize the way we interact with information about our favorite projects. It’s not just a contest; it’s a platform to showcase creativity, engage with the community, and learn about exciting new technologies. Whether you’re creating or interacting, your contribution is valuable. Join the challenge today and be a part of this exciting journey!

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