The Web3 Data Infrastructure

A suite of decentralized data solutions for the next billion Web3 users


Decentralized Storage, Redefined

A Seamless Transition to Web3

Developers and teams can start building on decentralized clouds without knowing a thing about Web3.

Designed for Web3 Scalability

Our Web3 data solutions are able to support billions of users in the next decade.

Privacy, Guaranteed!

We use cutting-edge encryption technology including zero-knowledge proof and AES-256 all encrypted at the user end.

An All-inclusive Web3 Storage Platform

One-click access to all major decentralized storage networks including IPFS, Storj, Arweave, Crust, Sia and more.

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Computecoin sandbox
Powered by tens of thousands of nodes around the globe, our storage solution offers broad geo-coverage with great scalability
Computecoin sandbox
AWS-comparable performance
Computecoin sandbox
All data is split into different pieces, encrypted and stored in multiple locations to prevent any potential data loss
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Web3 at Internet Scale

Oort Decentralized Edge Network (DEN) provides extra speed, security, and scalability for Web3 applications.

Computecoin sandbox
Accelerate content delivery
Computecoin sandbox
Expedite Web3 file searching
Computecoin sandbox
Enhance data security
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Web3 doesn't need to be difficult or out-of-touch. Just upload your files and they will be encrypted, split, and stored on our global P2P network within seconds!

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