The Web3 Data Infrastructure

Build and scale applications on a decentralized cloud

Super Nodes

Public & private cloud servers


Edge Nodes

Small devices with storage and compute capabilities for home & offices

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Backup Nodes

The storage nodes of Filecoin, Storj, Crust and Arweave that have been integrated into Oort


storage Service | Oort DSS

Simple and secure cloud storage you can depend on

Oort Decentralized Storage Service (DSS) is an object storage service that allows users to store and retrieve data securely from anywhere, anytime.

Computecoin sandbox
Powered by tens of thousands of nodes around the globe, our storage solution offers broad geo-coverage with great scalability
Computecoin sandbox
AWS-comparable performance
Computecoin sandbox
All data is split into different pieces, encrypted and stored in multiple locations to prevent data loss
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compute service | oort DCS

Cost-efficient cloud computing for any task

Oort Decentralized Compute Service (DCS) offers powerful computing solutions that delivers privacy, scalability and flexibility.

Computecoin sandbox
Cuts your compute cost by leveraging idle compute power around the world
Computecoin sandbox
Provides low-latency compute for AR/VR, gaming and media streaming applications
Computecoin sandbox
Offers secure computation over encrypted data
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network | Oort DEN

Web3 at internet scale

Oort Decentralized Edge Network (DEN) makes dApps faster, more secure and easier to scale.

Computecoin sandbox
Accelerats Web3 content delivery and file indexing
Computecoin sandbox
Supports big data analytics
Computecoin sandbox
Provides enhanced security by encrypting all files at the edge
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oort dev tools

Start building with ease

Essential dev tools to build and demonstrate the practical value of your Web3 applications.

Computecoin sandbox
Decentralized gateway
Gives developers reliable and fast access to major blockchains such as ETH, BSC, ADA, etc. 
Computecoin sandbox
Oort-query APIs
Enables the scalable analysis of Web3 data
Computecoin sandbox
Join our dev community today and help us create an extensive suite of tools for Web3 developers

High-tech without the high learning curve

Developers and teams can start building on decentralized clouds without knowing a thing about Web3.

Scalability by design

Oort services enable applications to reach billions of Web3 users.

Guaranteed privacy

We use cutting-edge encryption technology including zero-knowledge proof and AES-256 to encrypt all data at the user end.

Build more, spend less

Save up to 80% on Web3 application deployment costs.


Meet Our Friends 
and Collaborators

Working together to bring the next generation of the World Wide Web to more of the world.  

A Symbiotic Ecosystem

Oort and the Oort Foundation are building a better Web3 environment for developers, miners, businesses, and end-users.

Primary technology contributor to the Oort ecosystem
Oversees product technology
Responsible for research and development
Develops technology and ecosystem
Provides incentives to Oort developers and ambassadors
Builds a vibrant ecosystem and community


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