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By utilizing global resources from data centers to smartphones, OORT aims to enable trustworthy AI applications for humanity.

trusted by companies large and small

OORT Products


A generative AI agent builder platform, allowing businesses to incorporate factually accurate, versatile, and secure AI into their operations in minutes.

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OORT Storage

A decentralized object storage service offering secure data storage and retrieval anytime, anywhere.

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OORT Compute

A decentralized computing service that integrates global resources to provide compute services for AI model training and fine-tuning.

Launching in 2024
Lenovo Image

Lenovo Image, Lenovo’s printer division, has partnered with OORT AI to enhance its customer service.

Richard Wang

CIO of Lenovo Image

“We chose OORT AI for our customer support needs because their products work better, their team is fast and efficient, and they meet our security and compliance standards."


Cost Reduced


Calls Reduced


Avg. User Satisfaction

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud joins OORT infrastructure as a super-node provider, bolstering support for OORT's services.

Dell Technologies

OORT Storage now available through Dell's latest global loyalty program, launched in Canada and the US as of July 2023, targeting over 10 million customers worldwide.

OORT Infrastructure

-- nodes from -- countries

Super Nodes


Public & private cloud servers.

Edge Nodes


Small devices with storage and compute capabilities for home & offices. Just for OORT.

Backup Nodes


Storage nodes of Filecoin, Storj, Crust and Arweave integrated into OORT.


storage, compute, bandwith


Save up to 80% by utilizing Oort’s optimized decentralized infrastructure resources around the globe.

data interaction


Oort’s talk-to-data service redefines the way of data interaction for faster decision-making and business outcomes.

Like chatGPT, use natural language to interact with all your data

Provides valuable insights from your data without technical skills or a dedicated data science team

Reliability, security, immutability


Enjoy AWS-comparable SLA with unparalleled privacy and reliability. 

Our decentralized infrastructure guarantees 100% privacy for all data services we offer

Oort's patented PoH algorithm and advanced coding ensure reliability in a trustless, geo-distributed environment

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Community Driven

Join the Oort ecosystem and help shape the future of data infrastructure landscape.

Become a node on Oort's network

Build Web3-native tools and services for others to use

Provide on-chain and off-chain valuable data to the platform


storage, compute, bandwidth

Save up to 80% by utilizing OORT’s optimized infrastructure resources around the globe.

Breakthrough price-performance with our global network integrating idle resources

Flexible and scalable data services tailored to your specific needs

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data interaction

OORT AI, powered by a large language model (LLM), enables you to effortlessly build customized AI agents for your business. It's streamlined, secure, and uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs

Tailor AI agents to your unique database for precise business alignment.

Upload visuals to the knowledge base, allowing the LLM-driven agents to deliver an engaging and accurate experience for end-users.

How OORT AI Works

Reliability, security, immutability

Enjoy hyperscaler-like SLA with unparalleled privacy and reliability. 

Our distributed infrastructure guarantees privacy

OORT's patented PoH algorithm and advanced coding ensure reliability in a trustless, geo-distributed environment

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Community Driven

Ready, set, build

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