The Most Trusted Web3 Data Cloud

Enable users to fully own and control their data, and create a world where natural language is the sole tool needed for data interaction.

Our Services

Everything you need to own, control and maximize the value of your data, but all decentralized. 


Decentralized and enterprise-grade object storage with unparalleled privacy and up to 80% cost savings. 


Decentralized compute engine that empowers data mining, analytics, AI training, and more.

Coming Soon in 2023

Upload photos, messages, documents, browser history or any type of data to Oort, then use your words to unleash unlimited possibilities.

Coming Soon in 2023
Our Global Infrastructure

-- nodes covering over -- countries

Super Nodes


Public & private cloud servers

Edge Nodes


Small devices with storage and compute capabilities for home & offices

Backup Nodes


The storage nodes of Filecoin, Storj, Crust and Arweave that have been integrated into Oort

Why Choose Oort?
storage, compute, bandwith


Save up to 80% by utilizing Oort’s optimized decentralized infrastructure resources around the globe.

Computecoin sandbox
Breakthrough price-performance with our global network integrating idle resources
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Flexible and scalable data services tailored to your specific needs
data access, management, and analysis


Oort’s talk-to-data service redefines the way of data interaction for faster decision-making and business outcomes.

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Like chatGPT, use natural language to interact with all your data
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Provides valuable insights from your data without technical skills or a dedicated data science team
Reliability, security, immutability


Enjoy AWS-comparable SLA with unparalleled privacy and reliability. 

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Oort's patented PoH algorithm and advanced coding ensure reliability in a trustless, geo-distributed environment
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Our decentralized infrastructure guarantees 100% privacy for all data services we offer
Ready, set, build

Community Driven

Join the Oort ecosystem and help shape the future of data infrastructure landscape.

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Become a node on Oort's network
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Build Web3-native tools and services for others to use
Computecoin sandbox
Provide on-chain and off-chain valuable data to the platform
Earn Oort Rewards

Working together to bring the next generation of the World Wide Web to more of the world.  

A Symbiotic Ecosystem

Oort and the Oort Foundation are building a better Web3 environment for developers, miners, businesses, and end-users.

Primary technology contributor to the Oort ecosystem
Responsible for research and development
Provides incentives to Oort developers and ambassadors
Builds a vibrant ecosystem and community
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