The Web3 Data Cloud

Build and scale your data-driven business easier and faster with the
most powerful Web3-native tools on the near-infinite decentralized cloud resources

Scale on the Most Geo-distributed Network
Super Nodes

Public & private cloud servers


Edge Nodes

Small devices with storage and compute capabilities for home & offices

Available Soon

Backup Nodes

The storage nodes of Filecoin, Storj, Crust and Arweave that have been integrated into Oort


storage, compute, bandwith


Save up to 80% by utilizing Oort’s optimized decentralized infrastructure resources around the globe

Computecoin sandbox
Break through price-performance enabled by a fast-expanding global network that integrates idle storage, compute and bandwidth resources
Computecoin sandbox
Scale resources up and down independently and immediately within the storage-compute separated architecture
Computecoin sandbox
Pay for what you use by turning compute resources on and off
data access, management, and analysis


Leverage Oort’s powerful Web3-native tools and templates to develop and scale applications like GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi, and NFTs much faster through easy access, management, and analysis of real-time indexed data

Computecoin sandbox
On-chain data from major blockchains like Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, Avalanche and Polygon
Computecoin sandbox
Off-chain data resources like NFT metadata and in-game logs
Reliability, security, immutability


Enjoy AWS-comparable SLA with enhanced reliability and security.

Computecoin sandbox
Our patented Proof of Honesty (PoH) algorithm guarantees the reliability of the storage and compute resources in a trustless environment
Computecoin sandbox
Our blockchain-based data protection strategy offers immutability and offsite backups that are simple to implement and cost-effective
Ready, set, build

Community Driven

Work and collaborate seamlessly with experts world-wide and get rewarded for contributing to the Oort ecosystem

Computecoin sandbox
Become a node on Oort's network
Computecoin sandbox
Build Web3-native tools and services for others to use
Computecoin sandbox
Provide on-chain and off-chain valuable data to the platform

Working together to bring the next generation of the World Wide Web to more of the world.  

A Symbiotic Ecosystem

Oort and the Oort Foundation are building a better Web3 environment for developers, miners, businesses, and end-users.

Primary technology contributor to the Oort ecosystem
Responsible for research and development
Provides incentives to Oort developers and ambassadors
Builds a vibrant ecosystem and community


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