OORT Storage

Manage your growing data, all in one place

Maximum data privacy ensured by geo-distributed servers
S3 compatibility for easy integration
AI integration for effortless data interaction
Enterprise-level performance
Save up to 80% on costs compared to hyperscalers
Developer tools built by community

How it Works

1. Pre-processing

Files are segmented into small, fixed-size pieces, or "shards", the size of which is determined by the original file size.

2. Encryption and Erasure Coding

Each shard undergoes AES-256 encryption and is processed with erasure coding techniques. This process generates "parity" shards for added redundancy, enabling the reconstruction of data even when some shards are unavailable or lost.

3. Shard Distribution

The shards are dispersed throughout the OORT infrastructure nodes, each operated by individual service providers across the globe.

4. Retrieval

Users can access their files by requesting shards from the corresponding nodes. This system ensures file integrity, even in the event of node failure or network congestion causing some shards to be temporarily missing.


Personal Cloud Drive

Securely store, share and manage files with guaranteed privacy 

Blockchain Data Warehouse

Unlock the unlimited potential of Web3 data with unified on-chain and off-chain data

Data Archiving

Permanent and immutable data storage at a fractional price

Data Availability Layer for Blockchains

Store stale blockchain data, layer-2 rollup data, and back up block data


Free Tier

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Ideal for individuals & small teams who require basic storage and data services

20GB of standard storage

1TB of data archive storage

5GB of data egress per month

(Data ingress: Unlimited)


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Ideal for companies with substantial data storage needs

Customized pricing plans tailored to meet specific business needs

Regular security and performance audits for maximum data protection and performance

Provides a dedicated support team

Connect with popular storage management tools

With OORT Storage, you can effortlessly integrate your preferred storage management tools and enjoy unparalleled flexibility in managing your data.




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