May 20, 2024
OORT and AppsCo Forge Alliance to Facilitate Enhanced Data Security Solutions in Web3

OORT and AppsCo Forge Alliance to Facilitate Enhanced Data Security Solutions in Web3

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OORT’s Latest Partner: AppsCo

What is AppsCo?

AppsCo is a powerful platform that offers various services and software to help organizations control and manage their HR environment and protect their data from security threats.

Moreover, AppsCo specializes in Web3 data protection. It provides a secure environment for organizations to store and manage their data. The platform also offers advanced security solutions such as data encryption, distributed data management, data backup, data verification and audit, device security, etc.

OORT x AppsCo

In a move that is sure to revolutionize how businesses can manage and secure their data and applications, OORT and AppsCo became partners. This partnership between the two aims to create better data protection solutions for the Web3 world.

OORT x AppsCo is the latest example of how companies in the Web3 space are working together to create better data protection solutions. As the Web3 world continues to evolve and more applications are built utilizing blockchain technology, it is essential that companies like OORT and AppsCo collaborate to create more robust security solutions that are tailored to the Web3 world and end-users.

OORT x AppsCo Ecosystem Talk

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What Was Covered

  • Introduction to AppsCo
  • Industry Pain Points Faced by AppsCo
  • AppsCo’s Solutions
  • OORT x AppsCo Partnership


  • Geir Christien Karlsen: Founder & CEO of AppsCo Inc
  • Joseph Mennillo: Business Development team at OORT
  • Tyler Lockley: Business Development team at OORT

Here’s an Excerpt of the Discussion…

Geir: Yeah, I’m representing AppsCo. AppsCo started as a cloud identity platform, and now we also tie it into the HR processes where we are giving you a tool for easy onboarding and offboarding of employees, and we’re also doing application management, but we’re here today to talk a little bit about my passion for data protection and how we can secure the ecosystem that also ties into the Web3 world.

Joseph: For sure, coming from this more traditional space, right? We have a gap between Web2 and Web3. Why don’t we stick to traditional AppsCo for a minute here and talk about some of the pain points that businesses face with legacy identity management systems?

Geir: I saw that when I created what you can call a “more traditional HR company,” starting with my father being an HR director in a large corporation in Norway, where I’m from. There, we saw while implementing over 700 businesses, that there was going to be a huge gap in the identity space where we are going more into a hybrid workspace, and you need to have managed application before you can traditionally be logged in with a kind of like a Citrix or remote desktop and getting all the excitement there against a tie into your world. You have very good governance and control over everybody who’s logging in. But when you’re moving to the clouds, you kind of have users all over the place that I think we all experience every day. Our idea of the traditional apps going out today is tied into the onboarding, offboarding, and changing of profiles. I believe that all businesses face that in onboarding, you should also onboard the application so you have a single point of entry. The data protection also started this way because we saw that you are sitting on the single sign-on when you do that. And, of course, the provisioning to the other apps like applications by the users. When you have that, you’re becoming a single point of entry… Very nice for the users, but also very vulnerable. That’s why we said that you’re statistically more likely to have a breach when you are hacked. That’s basically where we tuned to the data protection, that I think we’ll touch on later on. So then, you know, a little bit more about where I’m coming from and why I created the company today.

Joseph: All right, thank you for the history on that aspect. We will, for sure, get into the data protection aspect, and as far as we could say, the migration from on-premise networks to the cloud, we’re seeing this large shift, especially after what happened in 2019. Security was thought of as this physical perimeter, where if I was a company, there was an office, resources were only available within that office, and when you were out of the office, you might have needed technologies like a VPN to connect to the physical network remotely. But here we are, in the day of SaaS applications and cloud now, and we can see why your solution is very lucrative because the cloud is all over the place. So we got into a bit of what AppsCo is, just very briefly. Geir, I will mention our solution to anybody who’s listening and doesn’t know. And then, I would like to get into where AppsCo is heading. So we could get into the future of what you wish to be planning to do, and we could start to talk about those pain points and solutions. So just a brief recap. OORT, formerly known as Computecoin, is a distributed storage player in which we are trying to take these complex protocols such as Filecoin, Storj, and even complex distributed compute protocols within the future of work, but for now, we’re focused on storage…

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