How to Jumpstart Your Web3 Career

Expert Advice From Oort, Storj, and OKX

As a new industry, there are numerous job opportunities and novel positions in Web3. Last year, blockchain and Web3-related job listings spiked by almost 400 percent, and the blockchain market is projected to exceed $60 billion by 2026. Web3 will become one of the hottest industries in no time, per this projection.

Oort is proud to present expert advice on how to get started in Web3 careers. In this article, you’ll learn what Web3 is, what types of jobs exist in this industry, and how to get started in today’s climate. Experts from Oort, Storj, and OKX have gathered their top tips and strategies to help students at the University of Chicago become successful Web3 professionals. We’d like to share their wisdom with you. Let’s get started!

What Is Web3?

Those of you who are already in the space know Web3 as “Read, Write, Own”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, Web3 can be differentiated from earlier iterations of the internet on the basis of the freedoms it affords its stakeholders (users and creators). The inaugural generation of the internet, Web 1.0, allowed users to “surf the web.” Browsing directories like Yahoo and reading text content on webpages–“read” was the basic functionality of the web during this era. Web 2.0 allows users to write on the web. Users could create, post, and interact with content on centralized platforms like YouTube and TikTok. But in this era of the internet (which continues today), users and creators could never actually own their data. Thus, ownership represents the point of departure for Web3.

Jobs in the Web3 Ecosystem

Web3 is a land of opportunities, especially for recent college graduates. Whatever your academic background may be, there is something suitable for you.

If You Come From a Technical Background

  • Web3 Developer/Engineer
  • Blockchain Researcher
  • Product Manager
  • Miner

If You Come From a Design Background

  • UIUX Designer
  • NFT Designer
  • Graphic Designer

If You Come From a Communications/Business Background

  • Web3 Marketer
  • Business Development Associate
  • Content Creator
  • Project Manager

What Are Web3 Companies Looking For?

Passion & Beliefs

Web3 revolutionizes how people interact with the internet, with a focus on user data ownership. As opposed to being continuously capitalized by the big techs, the people in Web3 believe in a future of efficient networking where everybody owns their own data. The passion for Web3 as a concept and as an industry is crucial for any career in Web3. As highlighted by Nate Zou, Head of Product at OKX, the passion for the future of Web3 is what drives you to work hard and work well in this fast-paced industry. “Building on Web3 is extremely hard. Hard as because we are in this industry 24/7”, said Nate. “You always have to work, your co-workers are spread out across the world. So what drives you is passion, you have to be passionate about this industry. And that drives you to learn, you want to learn.” Despite the apparent hardship, people continue to build on Web3 not because they dislike the comfort of working in Big Tech environments, but because they want to create a better iteration of the internet. The passion and belief in what you’re working for are what drive you apart from competitors around the world, and what will keep you going in the future.

Curiosity & Inquisitiveness

New technologies and innovations are being built on Web3 daily. It’s important to be able to keep up with the latest developments in this industry and be able to ask questions, learn from them, and improve ceaselessly. One key thing to remember is that everybody in this industry is still learning, and good questions inspire new discourses and adventures. You should never be afraid to ask questions, because 9 out of 10 times, the question you ask will prove to be helpful for both you and the person being asked. Oort’s COO Sang emphasized that “you don’t have to have a great pedigree, but the passion and hunger and the drive to learn about the technology and what it’s going to solve is what I find to be the hidden gem.” Thus, it’s important to always raise questions, keep up with the latest developments, learn new trends, and be able to work together to demonstrate the practical value of Web3.

Adaptability & Problem-Solving

Web3 is still very young, like the internet in 1997, with a promising future and lots of work to do. Web3 professionals find themselves adapting to the changes in the industry first thing after they wake up. Everybody wears multiple hats in Web3 companies and has the chance to work directly with C-level executives, product managers, engineers, and marketers, thus understanding the decision-making process cross-department and growing faster as a multi-talent professional in the space. “There is a lot of chaos and changes and uncertainties in joining a startup,” said John Gleeson, COO at Storj. John explains that most Web3 companies still look at themselves as startups, even after several years, and that most companies are still figuring out the mechanics and market forces. As a part of this dynamic landscape, the ability to adapt and solve whatever problems that may come your way will be a huge asset for any position in Web3. Working in novel industries like Web3 will always be a learning process, a chaotic but fulfilling one.

Ending Remarks

If you’re curious about Web3 or are currently navigating through the world of Web3, don’t be shy. Ask questions, ask for opportunities, and ask for a helping hand to get your foot in the door. “It is a welcoming industry,” John from Storj concluded, “it is an industry where I think if you look across the board, diversity, equity and inclusion are valued in the space because of the transparency and because of what the overall egalitarian goals are of Web3.”

Watch the complete panel on navigating Web3 featuring Sang, John, and Nate here.

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