Lenovo Image & OORT AI: Pioneering Customer Service Experience

Disclaimer: This article may contain some outdated information. OORT TDS is now OORT AI.

Lenovo Image & OORT AI: Pioneering Customer Service Experience

Explore how Lenovo Image revolutionized customer service and slashed operational costs by 90% with OORT AI’s innovative technology


Established in 1991 as part of Lenovo, a global leader in technology manufacturing, Lenovo Image has been confronting the limitations of traditional customer service, characterized by high costs and customer dissatisfaction. In pursuit of enhanced user satisfaction and cost reduction, Lenovo Image partnered with OORT AI.

OORT AI, a platform designed for crafting generative AI agents, has been pivotal in providing precise, secure, and diverse solutions, enabling Lenovo Image to redefine customer service standards in the tech industry. This collaboration exemplifies a seamless integration of technology and customer-centric approaches, marking a significant stride in Lenovo Image’s journey toward customer service excellence.

Key Achievements

  • Estimated 90% reduction in customer service costs
  • 95% customer satisfaction rate

Challenge: Suboptimal User Experience and High Operational Costs

Yearly, substantial investments were made into call centers, yet the user experience left much to be desired. Limited availability of customer service and high turnover rates among call center staff compounded the issues, raising the demand for an innovative solution.

Solution: A Leap Toward AI-Powered Customer Service

OORT AI, utilizing generative AI technology, provided a tailored platform leveraging private data to create precise and secure AI agents, offering multi-modal outputs like images. Lenovo Image, by integrating OORT AI solutions into its existing customer service apps and uploading service documents to OORT AI, successfully created a dedicated AI customer service agent. This agent effectively addresses user issues primarily via AI, with human agents intervening only when necessary, enhancing the overall responsiveness and efficiency of the customer service experience.

Results: Enhanced User Experience and Reduced Costs

  • 24/7 Availability: Users now enjoy uninterrupted service without being confined to business hours, a significant step up in user experience.
  • Cost Efficiency: Operational costs of OORT AI are less than 10% of running call centers, significantly cutting down company expenses.
  • Quick Resolution: Over 80% of user issues are rapidly resolved by OORT AI, reducing dependency on call centers and eliminating long wait times for users.

Client Testimonial

“We chose OORT AI for our customer support needs because their products work better, their team is fast and efficient, and they meet our security and compliance standards.”

— Richard Wang, CIO of Lenovo Image

Impact: A Win-Win Scenario

This collaboration has been a beacon of mutual growth and innovation for both Lenovo Image and OORT AI, creating a symbiotic relationship that has yielded significant advancements and benefits.

Benefits to Lenovo Image:

Lenovo Image’s adoption of OORT AI’s generative AI has positioned it as one of the first enterprises in China to integrate such advanced technology in customer service. This adoption has not only significantly enhanced customer service experience but has also underscored Lenovo’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet user needs and expectations.

Benefits to OORT AI:

For OORT AI, this partnership has been invaluable in refining and optimizing its products specifically for the customer service domain. It has provided crucial insights and real-world application data that helped OORT in honing the AI capabilities in the customer service vertical, thereby improving the system’s overall responsiveness and accuracy in addressing user queries and concerns.

Creating a New Standard:

Together, Lenovo Image and OORT AI have set a new benchmark in customer service and AI application. Lenovo’s enhanced service offerings and OORT’s refined solutions are testaments to the transformative potential of collaborative innovation, forging paths to not just mutual success but also to shaping industry trends and standards. The significant improvements in user experiences and the remarkable economic gains underscore the efficacy and the vast potential of such collaborative innovations in the tech industry.


This partnership demonstrates the substantial benefits of implementing advanced AI in customer service, highlighting the potential for enhanced user satisfaction and substantial economic gains. The success with Lenovo Image underscores the efficacy of OORT AI’s innovative solutions in meeting the diverse needs of large enterprises.

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