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Community-Powered Data Generation

Join the OORT community to help us collect and ready datasets for AI training. Take part in the DataHub, complete tasks and earn rewards!

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Pioneering AI Advancements for Humanity
How to Join DataHub
Get started by downloading Ale Wallet app and go through the verification process.
1. Download App
Install Ale Wallet app. Available for both iOS and Android.
2. Register in Ale Wallet
Sign up to create a wallet and get an access to OORT DataHub.
3. Sign up to DataHub
Go to the DataHub section in the Ale Wallet app and complete the application form. You need to verify your email and Twitter account, and also add your Solana address to receive the NFT rewards.
4. Stake
To get an access to OORT DataHub missions you have to stake 210 OORT.
How it Works
Trial Program Duration:
May 7 - August 5
Limited to 10k users
OORT tokens (valued at up to $50/month)
NFTs (offering significant utility and appreciating market worth)
Complete missions and earn NFTs
NFT Rewards
Solana Dapp
Use our Solana Dapp to store and mint NFT rewards.
Chances of Winning NFT Reward
To enhance your odds, stake more OORT with our daily limited NFTs.
Exchaning 9 Tier 2 NFTs for 1 Tier NFT
Gather 9 Tier 2 NFTs from one set and grab one of our special Utility Tier 1 NFTs!
Trade NFTs on any Solana Marketplace
Trade your Tier 1 or Tier 2 NFTs on any marketplace that supports Solana-based NFTs.
First Mission: Supporting NASA’s Journey to Mars
Mission to Mars
Join us as we launch a hands-on project with a public-good dataset. Contribute to processing Mars surface data from NASA and start earning rewards for your efforts.

Your Contribution:
Work on processing Mars surface images from the Curiosity Rover. This task supports AI development for better understanding Martian terrain, crucial for future explorations.
Support Research and Education:
The data you help refine will be donated to research centers and universities, enhancing scientific studies and educational opportunities.
Join Us:
Participate today and contribute directly from your smartphone or PC.
Download the Picture
Use image from dataset. Download it to your phone
Make adjustments
Reduce shadows and increase highlights
Upload the Picture
Send the edited photo to the DataHub. Congratulations!
Future Missions
Autonomous Driving Mission
Join us as we launch a hands-on project that will help us make autonomous driving safer. This mission is focused on data generation that will help us improve the AI systems behind autonomous driving. This mission will help us make it safer and further improve driver adaptation to autonomous driving.
Your Contribution:
Work on collecting and pre-processing images of roads, signs, and objects. This task supports improvements in the AI systems currently used in self-driving vehicles.
Join Us:
Participate today and contribute directly from your smartphone or PC.
Unveiling Soon: Thrilling Missions Ahead
Why are we building OORT DataHub
Driving AI Progress Together
At OORT, our mission is to decentralize AI. Through DataHub, we're making this possible by starting with essential tasks like data collection and preprocessing.
How Tasks Work and Data Preprocessing Explained
DataHub assigns tasks to our global community, focusing on data collection and preprocessing. This involves cleaning and organizing raw data to make it suitable for AI models, ensuring the data's accuracy and usability for AI development.
User Rewards
Participants earn OORT tokens and exclusive NFTs for their contributions. These rewards are designed to recognize their hard work and encourage continued involvement.

What is OORT DataHub?


OORT DataHub is a blockchain-powered platform where people across the world can contribute to AI development by collecting and pre-processing AI data via smartphones and PCs.

Key Feature: AI data transparency and security built for a true “OpenAI”. Specifically, all AI data will automatically be stored on the OORT Cloud Storage Service – a global decentralized storage network, and verified on blockchain.

First AI task? Supporting NASA’s Mission to Mars by processing Mars surface images (collected by Curiosity Rover), fueling AI development for terrain analysis crucial to future exploration.

How it works:
OORT DataHub is built around missions designed to advance AI for humanity. Once a mission is launched, specific tasks focused on data collection and preprocessing will be designed and assigned to community members around the globe. Community members execute tasks to earn rewards in the form of OORT tokens, our utility token, as well as exclusive NFTs. These rewards serve as both a token of appreciation for their contributions and an incentive to continue engaging with the platform. That is, by participating in OORT DataHub, users not only contribute to significant advancements in technology and exploration but also gain tangible rewards and recognition for their efforts.

How do votes work?


To access our exclusive tasks, we require all our valued users to collect 5 votes. You have two options to gather votes:

1. Invite Family and Friends: Encourage your family and friends to vote for you.
2. Engage our Community: Request support from any active community member.

If you share your voting link with someone who hasn't set up an Ale Wallet account yet, they'll need to:
1. Create an Ale Wallet Account.
2. Verify their email and Twitter.

For users who already have an account, simply share your link, and their vote will be automatically counted.

Remember, each registered user can distribute up to 5 votes among other community members.

Why do I need to verify my Twitter account?


We require users to verify their Twitter accounts for the following reasons:

1. Security: Verification ensures that you are a genuine user with an account created at least 30 days ago.This measure also prevents the creation of duplicate accounts, ensuring that individuals do not receive multiple rewards for the same task.

2. Simplicity: Your Twitter usernames are utilized across our platform to streamline processes.

Why do I need to input my Solana address?


One of the available rewards is receiving a Tier 1 or Tier 2 NFT. Our NFTs are based on Solana, so in order for us to send you the reward, we need your Solana address.

Will I be able to unstake my 210 OORT and withdraw them?


Yes, you will be able to unstake your 210 OORT after 3 months. After 3 months, you will be able to see your available balance, including 210 OORT, in the Staking tab of OORT DataHub.

Is there a limit on how many users can join the 1st program?


Yes, the 1st program is limited to 10,000 users.

What kind of rewards can I earn?


We have two types of rewards:

1. Fixed amount of OORT tokens that are paid for successful completion of one of our tasks.
2. NFT reward, which is divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2 NFTs. Tier 1 NFTs have unique utilities and Tier 2 NFTs are like a puzzle, where you need to collect 9 different NFTs in a collection to exchange them for one Tier 1 NFT.

How often do you add new tasks?


We add one new task every day. Please note that you have only 24 hours to complete the task before it disappears.

When can I withdraw my rewards?


Your rewards will become available for withdrawal as soon as the 1st program is over. The duration of our first program is set to be 3 months.