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OORT TDS is a platform designed for crafting generative AI agents, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate factually accurate, versatile, and secure AI into their operations in mere minutes, not months. No coding or AI specialists needed.

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Artificial Intelligence
Decentralized Data Storage
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Tailored AI Solutions

Oortbot takes customization to new heights, using your data to cater to your unique needs. This breakthrough approach opens up fresh possibilities to monetize your data, aligning with our vision of a decentralized data economy.

Data Sovereignty

With Oort's unique Decentralized Storage Service (Oort DSS), we prioritize data ownership. Here, your data isn't just securely stored, it's rightfully yours, driving our mission to revolutionize human-to-data interaction.

Community at Its Core

We empower businesses to reward users for contributing feedback to their support bots. This process creates a refined AI experience while fostering a rewarding system, turning customer engagement into valuable rewards. Experience our unique, mutually beneficial AI community.

Pinpoint Precision
Identify questions with pinpoint precision and respond with the correct information, enhancing user engagement and trust.
Tailored Solutions
Build your own knowledge base with ease, using your own dataset. Your AI agent will generate answers exclusively from your unique database, ensuring tailored responses.
Human-like Experience
Multimodal input/output capabilities, including visual support, create more human-like and engaging user experiences that go beyond traditional text interactions.
Secure and Compliant
Two-tiered safety approach for all. For large enterprises, on-premise deployment ensures complete control; for small businesses and individuals, enjoy enhanced security through default deployment on Oort's decentralized cloud.
Evolving Through Feedback
Adaptive and continually evolving, Oort TDS's AI agent learns from end-user feedback to offer a more responsive and human-like interaction.
Selective Access
Access Control
Control who has access to your AI agent, giving you more flexibility and security in managing user interactions with your AI-driven services.

How It Works

Upload files with images to create a multimodal AI agent

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Set up and test the agent in real-time

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Continuously improve the AI agent with user feedback

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Use Cases

Customer Service
Oort TDS's AI agent revolutionizes customer support by delivering accurate, real-time responses to queries. It saves on staffing costs, operates 24/7, and provides a seamless user experience through multimodal data. The result is increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and even growth in conversion rates, all while maintaining stringent data privacy standards.
Enhance your retail environment with Oort TDS's intelligent AI agent. Offering accurate product recommendations and information, it improves user satisfaction and increases conversion rates. By automating customer interactions, you save on staff costs and provide a personalized shopping journey. Secure data handling ensures privacy, making your retail experience both innovative and trustworthy.
HR Support
Harness Oort TDS for automated responses to basic queries from employees or job applicants. Streamline resume screening, access job descriptions and postings, and facilitate employee training. Enhance HR functions while ensuring the utmost data privacy.
Personal Assistant
Use Oort TDS as your digital aide for quick information retrieval and efficient data management. Seamlessly access diverse data types and ensure your details remain private, enhancing your daily productivity.


(Save 16%)
• 150 messages/month
• 400,000 new characters/month
• 1 AI agents
• 400,000 characters/AI agent
• Multimodal features
• 3,000 messages/month
• 8,000,000 new characters/month
• 2 AI agents
• 4,000,000 characters/AI agent
• Multimodal features
• 12,000 messages/month
• 40,000,000 new characters/month
• 5 AI agents
• 8,000,000 characters/AI agent
• Multimodal features
• API access
• Integrate with Slack and Telegram

• 30,000 messages/month
• 120,000,000 new characters/month
• 10 AI agents
• 12,000,000 characters/AI agent
• Multimodal features
• API access
• Integrate with Slack and Telegram
• Remove 'Powered by Oort' Branding
Offering customized services and unlimited resources tailored to large enterprises. Please contact our sales team for further details.
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