October 27, 2023
Celebrate with Oort: Pre-Mainnet Launch Meme Contest

Celebrate with Oort: Pre-Mainnet Launch Meme Contest

Update — Contest Extension!

Due to the overwhelming response and the sheer creativity we’ve witnessed, we’re excited to announce that we’re extending the meme contest deadline to November 3rd! The entries we’ve received have not only been funny and imaginative but have also enlightened many about the nuances of Oort’s ecosystem. As we move forward, we encourage participants to dive even deeper. While token price-related memes are fun, we’re particularly interested in those that shed light on Oort’s products and our core mission. Let your memes inform and inspire, showcasing what truly sets Oort apart in the decentralized data world.

Hello Oort Community,

As we approach our mainnet launch, there’s a palpable excitement in the air. We’re on the cusp of a new beginning, and what better way to mark this journey than with some creativity and fun?

What’s the Occasion?

We’re on the threshold of releasing our mainnet. This journey has been fueled by innovation, and as we look forward to this milestone, we want to engage our community in a unique and fun-filled manner.

Contest Details


  • Start: Oct 20
  • Submission Deadline: Oct 27, 10 PM ET
  • Voting: Oct 27–29
  • Winners Announcement: Oct 30


  • Total Pool: $1,000 USDT + 3,800 OORT Tokens
  • Gold (1 winner): $355 USDT + 1,000 OORT Tokens
  • Silver (3 winners): $165 USDT + 500 OORT Tokens each
  • Bronze (5 winners): $30 USDT + 100 OORT Tokens each

Top memes will be chosen by a combo of Oort moderator & team votes.

Crafting Your Winning Meme

  1. Focus on themes like Data Privacy, Web3 & AI, and Data Ownership, showcasing how Oort fits into these narratives.
  2. Think original, think funny, but also keep it informative.
  3. Remember, the meme should resonate with what Oort stands for.

Participation Steps

  1. Create and share your meme on X (Twitter).
  2. Ensure you tag three friends, mention @oortech, and use the hashtags #OORT #OortWeb3DataCloud.
  3. Make sure to follow @oortech to become qualified participants (https://twitter.com/oortech).
  4. Share your meme in the Oort Discord “memes” channel to increase your chances of winning (Join Oort Discord https://discord.com/invite/Uv8khzfZqd).

Join in, showcase your creativity, and let’s add some laughter to the countdown!