May 17, 2024
Kevin Henshaw Joins OORT's Advisory Board

Kevin Henshaw Joins OORT's Advisory Board

Disclaimer: This article may contain some outdated information.

OORT (previously Computecoin) welcomes Kevin Henshaw, COO & President, Together Labs (previously, to our advisory board. Kevin is an industry veteran in virtual worlds. He has been with (now Together Labs) for over 15 years. Previously a pioneer in the virtual world as IMVU, Together Labs is now an industry leader in cryptocurrency and digital assets within virtual worlds and their economies. Before IMVU, Kevin held various leadership roles in technology firms in Hong Kong, China, and Sydney, Australia.

“I’ve spent over a decade at a community-driven 3D environment powered by user-generated content owned by the creators. I’m deeply concerned that the hegemony of giant cloud providers could undercut the promise of the metaverse. The open metaverse ideally will be autonomous and community-driven. As such, I am thrilled to be a part of the OORT project.”

OORT aims to build the next-generation infrastructure for Web3 and Metaverse applications. Kevin’s 15+ year tenure at IMVU, the world’s largest avatar social platform, will help OORT perfect its infrastructure solution for Metaverse applications such as IMVU and many others.