February 15, 2023
Oort 2023 Roadmap

Oort 2023 Roadmap

At our Feb AMA event, Oort revealed its plans for the upcoming year 2023. This is a significant period for our project as we aim to continue expand and enhance our data infrastructure while rolling out the mainnet and the commercial versions of our data cloud products. But most importantly, delivering tangible value to developers and businesses with practical decentralized data solutions remains our primary goal.

Quarter One

Feb 15

Ascraeus Testnet Launch

Ascraeus Testnet is Oort's third testnet after Dome-A and Huygens, dedicated to evaluating the DEN tokenomics and network performance.

Oort DEN Launch

Oort Decentralized Edge Network (Oort DEN) is one of the flagship products of Oort, the data infrastructure for the next billion Web3 users. Oort DEN is an edge network that makes Web3 applications faster, more secure, and easier to scale. Learn More

Oort Blockchain Explorer Launch

Oort's new blockchain explorer includes data from not only the mainnet beta, but also the Ascraeus testnet. Users can view mining and transaction-related information, furthering the network transparency of Oort.  


New Ale Wallet release

The new version of Ale Wallet will include features like in-wallet token swap between USDT(BSC) and CCNA.  

Oort DSS Commercial Version Release

Finishing up on the Oort DSS beta, Oort is preparing to release the first commercial version, Oort DSS 1.0, to the market.

$CCN <> $CCNA Exchange Pool Launch

Users will be able to exchange $CCN (test tokens in Huygens) for $CCNA (test tokens in the Ascraeus testnet) in the exchange pool.

Quarter Two

Investors & Partnership Announcement

We will disclose key investors and key partners in Q2, 2023

Olympus Protocol (Mainnet) Launch

Mainnet launch is scheduled for June 2023.

Quarter Three

Token Listing

We will list our token on exchanges in early Q3, 2023. Users will be able to convert testnet tokens $CCN and $CCNA into the mainnet tokens.

Watch the full AMA to learn more about our vision, mission, products and newly updated tokenomics!