May 23, 2023
Oort Data Cloud Airdrop: Discover the Future of Data Privacy

Oort Data Cloud Airdrop: Discover the Future of Data Privacy

Welcome to the future of data privacy! Oort is a cutting-edge, decentralized data cloud that redefines privacy, performance, and cost-efficiency, empowering you to OWN and CONTROL your data using NATURAL LANGUAGE.

Join the Oort Data Cloud Airdrop and become a part of this revolutionary platform today.

Airdrop Overview

The Oort Data Cloud Airdrop is your chance to experience the power of Oort Web3 Data Cloud. We’re giving away exclusive and badges and Oort tokens to a wide audience. Join us on Zealy (formerly Crew3) and unlock incredible rewards by completing a few simple tasks!

Time: May 16— Jun 15
What to Do: Complete Quests on Zealy
What’s in it for You: Oort tokens & exclusive badges

How to Participate

👉 Join Oort on Zealy 👈 and click on “Sprint Quests”:

  1. Join Oort on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram
  2. Give our product, Oort DSS (Decentralized Storage Service), a try!
  3. Invite at least one friend to join Oort on Zealy (invite more friends to rank up in the ladder!)

Airdrop Rewards:

  • We will select the top 30% of participants to receive one of five exclusive Oort badge and 1 Oort testnet token!
  • Bonus Prize: Earn 1,000 Oort Mainnet tokens by collecting all five badges in 3 months!

I: Badge of Origins

This badge represents the starting point of the Oort Odyssey, and holders are granted a limited-time free usage period for Oort’s products as VIP members, acknowledging their early support and belief in the potential of Oort.

Benefit: Oort Product Free Trial
Rarity: 🌟🌟

Badge of Origins

II: Badge of Connection

Symbolizing the importance of interconnectedness within the Web3 ecosystem, holders of this badge gain access to invitation-only events, webinars, and workshops organized by Oort and its partners.

Benefit: Exclusive Networking & Educational Opportunities
Rarity: 🌟🌟

Badge of Connection

III: Badge of Innovation

This badge celebrates the groundbreaking technological advancements and breakthroughs made by the Oort team. Holders enjoy early access to cutting-edge products from both Oort’s ecosystem and its partners, staying ahead of the curve in innovation.

Benefit: Priority Access to Oort Ecosystem Products
Rarity: 🌟🌟🌟

Badge of Innovation

IV: Badge of Privacy

The protection of user data is a critical aspect of Oort’s mission. Those who hold this badge can simply register to receive airdrop rewards directly in all future Oort airdrops, aligning with the values of privacy and control over personal data.

Benefit: Ultimate Airdrop Claim Rights
Rarity: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Badge of Privacy

IV: Badge of Mastery

As a culmination of the journey, holders of this badge can secure higher allocations in Oort’s public offerings. This is a recognition of their mastery and deep commitment to the mission of Oort and the potential of decentralized infrastructure.

Benefit: Priority Public Offering Allocation
Rarity: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Badge of Mastery

About Oort

Oort is the data cloud for the next billion Web3 users. Build and scale your data-driven business easier and faster with the most powerful Web3-native tools on near-infinite decentralized cloud resources.