May 20, 2024
OORT Partners with Y0 NFT to Bring Science Fiction into the World of Web3

OORT Partners with Y0 NFT to Bring Science Fiction into the World of Web3

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To introduce Y0 NFT to its community members, OORT (formerly Computecoin) hosted an Ecosystem Talk on Friday, October 27th, 2022. This dialogue carried out everything from 3D NFT concept vehicles to all concomitant aspects of this new collaboration between the two projects.

New Partner: Y0 NFT

OORT’s latest partner: Y0 NFT

What is Y0 NFT?

In a future where blockchain technology is widely used and integrated, Y0 NFT’s vision is to bring science-fiction-like 3D concept vehicles into the world of Web3.

Y0 NFT was founded in 2022 by Matthew Cunningham, an American Industrial Designer known for his work in advanced vehicle design, brand development, and film concept design. He has worked with major car brands and on films such as Avengers: Endgame, Star Trek: Picard, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Space Jam 2, and Citadel.

Y0 Concept Vehicles

Y0’s concept vehicles are driveable in the multiverse, parkable in your digital garage, and printable on your home 3D printer. These cars could potentially be built and driven now, with the proper funding and lead time, and in some cases, years in the future. In either case, the NFT holder will retain the rights to build indefinitely and can pilot their concept vehicles of choice in the multiverse with their friends while reality catches up.


Y0 NFT is bringing the Web3 world its innovative, state-of-the-art products: 3D concept vehicles as NFTs. OORT, which in turn envisions a future where Web3 is widely adopted and used by everyone, will provide Y0 NFT with a full-service, secure, and decentralized data solution.

💡 The Ecosystem Talk (Excerpt)

What Was Covered

  • What Y0 NFT does
  • How OORT plans to help Y0 NFT in its endeavors
  • A glimpse into creative licensing, IP rights in proof of ownership in the NFT Marketplace, and many more...


  • Matthew Cunningham: Founder of Y0 NFT
  • Andrew MacLean: Head of Marketing at Y0
  • Priscilla Dawson: Brand Architect, Partnerships at Y0
  • Charlie/Philosophy: Brand ambassador at Y0
  • Joseph Mennillo: Business Development team at OORT
  • Tyler Lockley: Business Development team at OORT

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