May 20, 2024
OORT Storage: Decentralized Storage Service on the Web3 Cloud

OORT Storage: Decentralized Storage Service on the Web3 Cloud

Disclaimer: This article may contain some outdated information.

OORT Storage: Beta Testing Now Available

Experience OORT Storage (previous Oortech DSS) Beta firsthand and help us make our product better! We will be rewarding constructive feedback regarding aspects like visuals, interaction, and user experience in $CCN tokens.

💡 OORT Storage Beta Testing Ongoing Through September
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OORT Storage: Everything You Need to Know

What is OORT Storage?

Short for OORT Decentralized Storage Service, OORT Storage is the very first product of OORT Cloud, an all-purpose, decentralized cloud powered by OORT (previously Computecoin).

How OORT Storage Works

Users can create and store files in buckets, retrieve, manage and modify resources, and share access to their data through secure links. OORT Storage is designed to handle any file type, including photos, text files, and video.

OORT Storage: Use Cases

Big Data Storage

Store, archive, and back up decades’ worth of important data with the extremely scalable OORT Storage, which is ideal for big data analytics with tools like a data lake.

Sensitive Client Data

Keep sensitive customer information safe with help from OORT Storage’s data encryption, which divides and spreads data across a global network of nodes. Files are encrypted with a private key. Only users with the same set of encryption keys can access the data.

NFT Storage

Store metadata, images, and other media files securely without overloading the blockchains with OORT Storage and start for free! OORT Storage guarantees the privacy and security of NFT marketplaces and other NFT projects.

Media & Entertainment

Create and distribute media content with OORT Storage, where you can store vast amounts of multimedia for audio and video production and enjoy high-quality video streaming at a fraction of the cost.