January 26, 2024
OORT Weekly Roundup: Big Moves, New Partnerships, and Future Plans!

OORT Weekly Roundup: Big Moves, New Partnerships, and Future Plans!

Week of Jan 22, 2024

OORT Weekly Roundup: Big Moves, New Partnerships, and Future Plans!

🚀 Bitget Hosts Exciting OORT Campaigns

$OORT Launch on Bitget Wallet & Fair Launchpool’s First Event

Big news! $OORT is now available on Bitget Wallet, marking a significant milestone for us. Celebrate this with the first-ever #FairLaunchpool event. Expect a grand airdrop of 150,000 $OORT. Check out the event details and rules here.

Bitget’s Discord Treasure Trove

Get ready to join the fun in Bitget’s Discord Treasure Trove. Here’s your chance to win a part of a $3,000 $OORT pool. The event is live until January 29, 12:00 UTC. Find out how to participate here.

🍭 New Partnership with Sugar Kingdom NFT

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Sugar Kingdom Odyssey. This collaboration brings our cloud technology to the forefront of blockchain gaming. Sugar Kingdom, a platform offering utility for a variety of tokens, will now integrate OORT’s cloud services. This means players will soon have the option to use $OORT for gaming transactions, enhancing their gaming experience. Learn more here.

🌱 The Upcoming OORT Earn Program

Exciting news for our community! We’re gearing up to launch the OORT Earn program. This program is not just about staking and earning with your OORT tokens; it also brings additional benefits. If you stake $OORT, expect to receive airdrops from our partners, adding more value to your participation in the OORT ecosystem.

🏆 Mainnet Airdrop Winners & OORTSwap’s Arrival

Congratulations to the winners of our Mainnet Airdrop! Only a select few made the cut, and you can check if you’re one of the lucky ones 👉here👈. Each winner will receive 150 $OORT with the upcoming launch of OORTSwap, our first community-driven DEX. We’re also addressing the registration issues faced by some non-Gmail users, so stay tuned for updates and next steps!

🔮 Teasing a Future Partnership

Get ready for more excitement! We’re brewing a new partnership that will bring fresh dynamics involving IDO, launchpad, and seamless cross-chain connections. We can’t reveal much yet, but we promise it’s something to look forward to. Stay curious and watch this space for more details soon!

Stay Connected!

That wraps up this week’s roundup. Stay connected with us for more updates, developments, and exciting news in the OORT ecosystem. Here’s to another week of growth and innovation!

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