January 20, 2023
Oort x Storj Hackathon Report

Oort x Storj Hackathon Report

Get to know the winning projects with us

In the duration of 45 days, 395 developers and 39 projects built applications on Oort’s blockchain while using Storj’s cloud object storage solution. We want to give a big shout-out to every single hardworking, innovative developer who participated, and we are so proud of what you have created.

The Winning Teams

We would like to congratulate the winning teams for their impressive hard work and dedication. Your ideas and contributions to the Web3 Stack Hack were truly inspiring and demonstrated your commitment to innovation and technology. We hope you have enjoyed the journey and learning opportunities this hackathon has provided, and we look forward to seeing the results of your hard work.

Next Big Thing:

Build the next YouTube, Twitch, disaster recovery solution, Discord, large file-sharing platform, etc., using Storj’s decentralized object storage service.

🥇 NotaryRoad
🥈 Storsign
🥉 Mangotech

Everything Web3.0:

NFT, Gaming, SocialFi, anything Web3. Surprise us.

🥇 Spoortify
🥈 SelfGuard
🥉 zkTrace

NotaryRoad | 🥇 of Next Big Thing

What Is NotaryRoad?

NotaryROAD is a Web2-Web3 solution that streamlines the process of filing notarizations, making it faster & more convenient. NotaryROAD automates the creation, verification & storage of data records.

What Does It Do?

Notary ROAD provides new and better options for satisfying old standards of notary services for both signers and notaries.

As a signer, you will be able to book an appointment with a notary, upload necessary documents for identity verification, select a notary service and make a payment. Then, upon successful payment, you will be directed to a notary session page, which will have details for your session where you can book a video conference with a notary and get your documents notarized and recorded safely, securely, and adhering to all legal requirements.

As a notary, you can subscribe to leverage white-label Notary ROAD’s platform and offer your own services without having to recreate the wheel or do any real technical lifting.

NotaryRoad Resources

Project Intro | Product Demo | GitHub Repository
Contact: Jullian Hill at julian@notarypublicofny.com

Spoortify | 🥇 of Everything Web 3.0

What Is Spoortify?

Spoortify is a music network dApp closest to Web2 users, offloading unnecessary steps like minting while taking advantage of innovative Web3 technologies.

What Does It Do?

Spoortify allows users to create free playlists or sell them for a price calculated in Oort’s native token.

The feature list includes:

  • Create playlists: playlist name, description, price, and cover image. Creators have the option of listing the playlist as pay-to-listen or free.
  • Create a song: name of the music, description, cover image, music file, and which playlist the music belongs to.
  • Buy playlists: users can use Oort tokens to buy and listen to paid playlists.
  • Deposit: to buy playlists, users must first deposit money into their Spoortify smart contract account.
  • Withdraw: users can withdraw Oort tokens from their balance to their Ale wallet.

Spoortify Resources

Project Intro | Product Demo | GitHub Repository
Contact: John Anselm at john@a2n.finance

Storsign |🥈 of Next Big Thing

What Is Storsign?

Storsign is a Web3 implementation of an e-signature collection built on the Oort blockchain using Storj’s storage solutions.

What Does It Do?

Storsign is an application that enables anyone to create and collect e-signature against documents without a vendor agreement or expertise of Web3.

  • Each packet of documents for e-signature is made accessible at a Storj URL. Users are not required to connect or authorize transactions from a wallet to use the app.
  • Hosted documents and the request are immutable.
  • Request indexed on Oort marks the progress of an e-signature request. Building on Oort’s blockchain ensures the authenticity and complete ownership of e-signatures signed.

Storsign Resources

Project Intro | GitHub Repository
Contact: Chris Buonocore at chrisdistrict@gmail.com

SelfGuard |🥈 of Everything Web 3.0

What Is SelfGuard?

SelfGuard provides encryption APIs and tooling to allow developers to build better and more secure user experiences.

What Does It Do?

SelfGuard provides encryption APIs and tooling to implement encryption at scale. This has initially begun with a core API layer and developer modules, including Encrypted File Storage, which allows users to store files that are automatically encrypted in a manner that can only be viewed/shared by the user.

SelfGuard Resources

Project Intro | Project Demo | Project Website | Project Twitter
Contact: Arjun Jain at arjun@selfguard.xyz

Mangotech | 🥉 of Next Big Thing

What Is Mangotech?

Mangotech is a provider of IoT devices for bee farming using Storj DCS.

What Does It Do?

Mangotech developed IoT devices that monitor the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in bee hives, using Storj DCS. Farmers will receive all information monitored on hives through the Mangotech website. Decentralization for IoT devices helps against security hacks. Farmers can get better security and better uptime for their IoT devices. IoT device sends information like temperature and humidity to the node js server, then the server converts this information to a text file and uploads it to Storj DCS. By using Mangotech’s IoT device, Bee farmers don’t have to manually check bee hives, as they can get email alerts if bee hives have reached critical levels of temperature or humidity.

Mangotech Resources

Project Intro | GitHub Repository
Contact: Indrajeet Ghosalkar at i.indrajeet619@gmail.com


What Is zkTrace?

Built on Oort’s blockchain, zkTrace is a supply chain management protocol that provides safe and confidential business processes, increasing workflow at no cost.

What Does It Do?

zkTrace allows businesses to safely and accurately process complex data, customize and describe the business process using smart contracts.

The supply chain management protocol uses Storj’s decentralized storage solution for private business logic and transaction data and IPFS‘ public data storage to track the supply chain process.

zkTrace Resources

Project Intro | GitHub Repository
Contact: Christabel Uduma at tokenexotic@gmail.com

The Judging Panel

We’d like to take this opportunity and thank our judges, a panel of leading Web3 professionals from established organizations, for evaluating everyone’s work and selecting the winning teams. They are:

John Gleeson, COO at Storj
Dr. Sean Yang, CTO at Oort
Dominick Marino, Architect at Storj
Dan Willoughby, Dev Advocate at Storj
Ilya Abugov, Co-Founder at Sanctor Capital
Efe Büken, Senior partner of Muhabbit and Muhabbit Capital
Kevin Valentine, Managing Partner at Alisio Ventures
Nicholas Ruzicka, Head of BD at Tokensoft