April 6, 2023
Oort's Huygens Testnet to Close Soon

Oort's Huygens Testnet to Close Soon

Oort’s Huygens testnet, named after the moon’s highest mountain, is set to shut down soon. The second testnet, which was launched in April 2022, has welcomed 447 miners and 37,005 machines worldwide. At present, it is generating 74,722,473,248 Metapower (MP/s), which equals a whopping 2989 Petabyte of storage space. To put it into perspective, 1 Petabyte is equivalent to 11,000 4K movies, while Oort is equivalent to 32,878,282 4K movies. That’s 7472.7 years of a non-stop movie marathon!

Starting from April 7, Friday at 9 AM ET, miners can disconnect their devices from the Huygens testnet without receiving any penalties. The testnet will continue running until the mainnet launch unless more than 80% of the machines have been taken off the network.

Oort’s Huygens testnet is coming to a close, but the journey toward building a decentralized and secure Web3 data cloud continues with the launch of Ascraeus, the third testnet. Ascraeus is designed to test the tokenomics and network performance of the decentralized edge network (DEN), which will enable developers to easily scale applications on Web3 infrastructure without compromising reliability, latency, and durability. Composed of a large number of Oort’s edge node devices deployed worldwide, Oort DEN will enable massive adoption of Web3 applications. Miners who are interested in joining can do so by obtaining a Deimos device or Helium hotspot to start mining. To learn more about Oort DEN and how to get started, visit https://www.oortech.com/edge. At present, Oort has more than three thousand edge devices deployed around the globe, and you can check out the live map of the nodes at https://www.oortech.com/.

The shutdown of the Huygens testnet marks a significant milestone in Oort’s journey, and the team is grateful for the support provided by the miners throughout the Huygens testnet operation. As Oort continues to build its decentralized and secure web3 data cloud, the feedback and contribution of miners will remain invaluable. The team at Oort Foundation is committed to improving and enhancing our services, ensuring the best possible experience for miners and users in the Oort ecosystem.

In conclusion, the launch of Oort DEN represents a step forward in the development of the decentralized and secure Web3 data cloud. Oort is excited to invite miners to join the Oort DEN testnet and be a part of this journey toward a decentralized future.