Oort 101: A Glimpse into Oort, the Decentralized Data Cloud

What is Oort?

Oort is a decentralized data cloud platform designed to maximize privacy and cost savings by integrating global compute and storage resources. We provide a suite of enterprise-grade decentralized cloud-based solutions for generative AI and data-driven businesses.

Why Are We Building Oort?

Emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), Web3, and the Metaverse are amplifying the demand for affordable and accessible computing power, leading many to dub it the “oil” of our future society. However, current cloud solutions, even from giants like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, are limited in cost-effectiveness and data privacy due to their centralized nature. Recognizing these gaps, we introduced Oort, designed to transcend these limitations and champion the next generation of decentralized cloud computing.

Introducing Oort’s Products

Introducing Oort’s Products: Oort DSS, Oort TDS, Oort DCS

Oort TDS (Talk-to-Data Service)

Oort TDS is a decentralized cloud platform created for the design of generative AI agents . This allows businesses to incorporate AI seamlessly — ensuring accuracy and security without the need for prolonged development or specialists.

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Learn More: Oort TDS

Oort DSS (Decentralized Storage Service)

Oort DSS offers decentralized object storage service offering secure data storage and retrieval anytime, anywhere.

As of October 2023, Oort DSS boasts nearly 3,000 registered enterprise and individual customers.

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Oort DCS (Decentralized Compute Service)

Oort DCS offers future-focused decentralized computing service launching in 2024, aimed at decentralized data analytics and processing.

Why Choose Oort?

Maximized Privacy by Decentralization

Oort stands as a behemoth in the realm of globally decentralized infrastructure networks, as of October 2023, boasting over 29,000 service providers spanning 107 countries. Service providers include public & private cloud servers, edge nodes, and archive storage nodes.

Cost Efficiency

Oort’s strategy ensures up to 60% cost savings by capitalizing on under-utilized global resources and optimizing task distribution across servers.

Blockchain & Tokens

Oort operates on its distinct layer 1 DAG-based blockchain, the Olympus protocol, AKA the project’s mainnet. The source codes are accessible on Github at https://github.com/oort-tech. The team is currently wrapping up the testnets, with plans to launch the mainnet by the end of 2023.

Integral to its ecosystem is OORT native Ale Wallet. It’s the best way to receive, transfer and store your OORT tokens. Check it out at alewallet.app.

The OORT mainnet token has a total supply of 2 billion. You can see all the tokenomics details at https://docs.oortech.com/oort/about-oort/tokenomics.

The Team

Located in New York, the core team members come from world-recognized organizations, such as Columbia University, Qualcomm, AT&T, JP Morgan, and more.


Oort’s state-of-the-art technology holds its ground with US patents and academic papers . These patents cover the spectrum of decentralized cloud-based computing, machine learning, and mechanisms ensuring trust in decentralized networks.

Academic Papers

  1. Distributed Error Correction Coding Scheme for Low Storage Blockchain Systems
  2. EntrapNet: A Blockchain-Based Verification Protocol for Trustless Computing

US Patents

  1. Methods and apparatus for performing distributed computing using blockchain
  2. Methods and apparatus for verifying processing results and/or taking corrective actions in response to a detected invalid result

Customer & Partnerships

Oort’s growth and success can be attributed not only to its innovative solutions but also to the robust customer & partnerships it has forged with industry leaders. See the highlights below!

Oort Customer & Partnerships


Lenovo Image: Recognizing the efficiency and efficacy of our TDS solutions, Lenovo Image has chosen to integrate OORT TDS into their product offerings. This serves as a testament to the utility and adaptability of OORT’s tech, especially as an innovative alternative to traditional customer service solutions. Learn more at https://blockster.com/lenovo-image-enhances-customer-support-with-oort-ai-integration


DELL Technologies: Our collaboration with DELL has paved the way for the “DELL & OORT” loyalty program, launched in Canada and the US in July 2023. This program endeavors to promote OORT’s cloud solutions to a vast network of over 10 million small and medium enterprises. Learn more at https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dell-launched-global-loyalty-program-130000569.html

Tencent Cloud: Embracing our vision for a decentralized future, Tencent Cloud’s data center has integrated into the OORT infrastructure network, serving as one of OORT’s super nodes. Additionally, OORT services are set to be featured on the Tencent Cloud marketplace, expanding our reach and accessibility. Learn more at https://finance.yahoo.com/news/oort-announces-collaboration-tencent-cloud-000000193.html

Binance BNB Greenfield: OORT is gearing up to be a pivotal part of the BNB Greenfield — a decentralized storage protocol. Our goal is to provide top-tier services to BNB ecosystem projects. Further solidifying our collaboration, OORT holds a coveted spot as a cloud service provider for the BNB ecosystem. Learn more at https://bnbchain.org/en/developers/developer-programs/kickstart.

In addition to these significant collaborations, OORT has established partnerships with over 40 esteemed industry and academia partners including Storj, BTCS, and Spearhead. Furthermore, OORT collaborates with more than 20 top-tier U.S. universities like Duke and the University of Chicago.

Important Links

Here are some essential links for you to delve deeper into our project, technology, and updates. For accurate and up-to-date information on OORT, please refer exclusively to our official links and channels. Avoid unofficial sources to ensure you’re always informed with the most accurate and recent news.

🌐 Website: www.oortech.com

🎬 Oort Explainer Video: https://t.co/SUQuH5J5Zi

📣 Twitter: https://twitter.com/oortech

💬 Telegram: https://www.oortech.com/telegram

💬 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Uv8khzfZqd

👩‍💼 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/72763255/

🧱 Github (Olympus Protocol : Oort’s mainnet): https://github.com/oort-tech

✍️ Medium: https://medium.com/@oortech