September 5, 2023
Announcing the Commercial Launch of Oort TDS

Announcing the Commercial Launch of Oort TDS

Introduction to Oort TDS (Talk-to-Data Service)

Today, we’re proud to unveil the commercial availability of Oort TDS, our pioneering AI agent builder platform. As a large language model (LLM) anchored solution, it’s fortified by the Oort data cloud. This platform is designed to allow businesses to integrate generative AI into their operations within minutes, not months, without the need for coding or AI experts.

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Who Need Oort TDS

Oort TDS caters to businesses and individuals eager to rapidly incorporate generative AI into various sectors, ranging from customer service, website chatbots, HR, education, to online retail.

Benefits For Business

Human-like Interaction

Engage with customers using generative AI agents designed for factually accurate, multimodal and multi-turn dialogues.

From Idea to Action, Instantly

Transition from concept to creation in moments with our all-in-one builder and prebuilt agents. Deploy effortlessly across web, mobile, and integrated third-party platforms.

Simplify and Scale Up

Navigate your AI agents with our intuitive knowledge base management system, and scale up without the infrastructure hassle.

Features of Oort TDS

Pinpoint Precision

Oort TDS is engineered to understand user queries with great accuracy, and output correct and relevant responses.

Tailored Solutions

Companies can construct AI agents using their own data, ensuring that the information provided is specific to their domain and audience.

Versatile Experience

Engage with your AI agent through diverse multimodal interactions, from text and voice to images and videos, for a richer user experience.

Security First

We offer a two-tiered security approach. Large enterprises can opt for on-premise deployments, while smaller businesses benefit from Oort’s decentralized cloud infrastructure.

Evolving Through Feedback

Your AI agents learn from user interactions and feedback, ensuring continuous improvement in response quality.

Access Control

Businesses have the control to decide who can access their AI, allowing flexibility and additional security layers.

Platform Integration

Oort TDS is not an isolated entity; it integrates smoothly with other flagship Oort offerings such as DSS. Additionally, for businesses already using popular third-party applications like Telegram or Slack, seamless integrations are at hand to ensure a cohesive user experience.

Our Vision

Oort’s primary objective is to provide users with full control and ownership of their data. We believe in a future where natural language becomes the main tool for data interaction, eliminating the need for complex interfaces and coding knowledge. With the launch of Oort TDS, we’re taking a significant step towards that goal.

As Oort TDS becomes commercially available today, we invite businesses and individuals to explore its features and capabilities. Our commitment remains to deliver effective, secure, and user-friendly AI-driven solutions.